White Brick Fireplace Trendy Home Decor Makeover Ideas

Amazing White Brick Fireplace

White brick fireplace is popular in traditional to contemporary and modern design. White bricks can transform through painting for a better look. Painting ugly bricks into white is a trendy makeover. One of most commonly usable materials is efflorescence. It is a white powder to form finish look on brick structures including fireplaces. How to makeover fireplace in white bricks? It is easy, on a budget and also fast by doing it yourself.

The efflorescence white brick fireplace has been around nowadays for makeover ideas. You can go from simple, ugly to creative fireplace design. Just get inspired from many different references online. Gathering some inspirations to combine also make one is a cool way for an improvement.

Colors are a simple thing yet great in results. Combination of white brick fireplace with other colors to create amazing schemes is certainly great. Grey walls, black mantels and even any other possible ideas are to pour. This is to make a refresh look significantly. Whether country style or anything, just make sure about not too contrasting color schemes.

Shelves are also a very important element to any fireplace. You can have them in wood, brick or even stone depending on decor purpose. In order to maximize the dull look of white bricks, adding items as accessories on the shelf is a simple thing. Family portraits, vases, potteries and even a flat screen TV will do it impressive. Mind about specific style!

Pinterest has been giving inspirations to its visitors. Yes, you can get many interesting ideas for making over white brick fireplace.

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