Fireplace Hearth Stone Design Elements to Decor and Style

Appealing Fireplace Hearth Stone

Fireplace hearth stone completes design element of fireplaces. This is not merely about the look but function as well. Extra charm is an additional value. While also becoming a protection for your flooring. There are different kinds of stone popularly in use. Natural stones are heavier but also luxury and stronger. Granite and slate as most usable for their quality of look also strength.

Faux stones offer lighter weight and also easy to do it yourself installation. Natural stones give authentic color textures. Meanwhile faux stones are engineer ones. Each has its own specs and features.

Fireplace Hearth Stone Options Today

Depending on what colors for the desire textures, there are different options. Ideas to do with fireplace hearth stone are almost limitless. We show you 18 of them for your inspiration before selecting one. From traditional, rustic to modern and contemporary design, stone hearth is lovable. It is full of charm to boost decor elements around the fireplace.

What are design elements of fireplace hearth? They are very important to maintain. Footing or foundation is to build. It is under flooring separated from the foundation of the building. It should be strong and sturdy in supporting fireplace hearth stone.

Others such as ash box or ash pit, inner hearth, outer hearth, firebox, fireplace facade, mantel, surround, smoke shelf, smoke chamber, dampel and lintel, flue and chimney are considerable. Both inner and outer of the fireplace hearth should have the ability in resisting heat. This is what stone has to give you a strong and durable one. Do it yourself stacking slab of stones is just simple and will not take much time.

From simple to unique hearth constructed on stone, it is for sure to add beauty into your home. Significantly warmer and more inviting atmosphere is enjoyable with the hearth stones.

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