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Broad band connection to Internet through satellite media


In this computerized era, Internet has attracted almost every one of us irrespective of the age group we belong to. Even people who previously did not know about the usage of computers have now started using internet and this shows that computers are not of much use without an internet connection.

The simplicity in using it and the knowledge that it provides has made people have internet as a part of their life. With the introduction of search engines in various websites by software companies has made searching information in the internet as a very entertaining and time passing one because of this people have become addicted to it sitting with the computers for hours together.

Internet is a global platform which connects the various networks across the globe. In order to access the various websites in the internet we need a computer with basic configuration that is required to use internet, an internet browser and finally an internet connection which could be either a dial up or a broad band one with a modem and telephone connection.

At the same time, a latest technology to connect the computers to the internet has been introduced in the market and is called as satellite internet which provides a broad band connection to the internet through satellite media and does not require a telephone line and a cable system.


What is Website Hosting – how to find the Best Web Hosting company


After coming across many websites in the internet l I felt it would be nice if I had a website of my own in the internet. In recent times, the Internet has gained a tremendous popularity and is used by millions of people of all age groups at any point of time in a day.

The main purpose of internet is knowledge or information sharing through websites. Internet is a hub of thousands of websites. Both individuals and companies can have their own websites in the internet. However, to make these websites to be available for a long time and to make it accessible to anyone across the globe it has to be hosted on the internet using web servers and this is called as web hosting.

I was checking out the websites of web hosting service providers and there were a lot of web hosting companies that provided web hosting services through online. But, I wanted to find out the best web hosting company. I came across a web hosting review website and it helped me to find my hosting company to host my website. It contained many reviews about various web hosting companies and it is an excellent guide to those who are new and were looking out for a hosting company.


Unique features of Cpanel Web host


It was a Sunday afternoon since I did not go out anywhere I was sitting alone at home thinking about passing the time usefully. I sat with my computer and started surfing the internet. Internet is a global hub with thousands of websites related to various fields and areas. I started to learn what is internet and then what it takes to design and program a website. And then how a website can be hosted in the internet.

When I read the various reviews about the web hosting services of top web hosting companies that offered online I came to know about the various features they offer and I found a unique feature called cpanel web host which I had never seen in any other web hosting company’s website.

This feature looked to be very useful and it helped the website owners to manage the database which contains the website information and also to manage the sub domains, parking domains and add on domains. It also offered many more additional useful features like error log, bandwidth reports and security features.


How to decide the name of your Website


I felt that internet is the best and the most useful entertainer amongst all the popular media in the world. I also thought of putting some money in developing and having a website which would be very useful to business men as I had a lot of innovative business and commercial ideas to share with and I had a lot options to create a website for commercial purposes like online merchant services, online directories of company names, businesses, their services and products and also other business related activities.

I even made a small survey on what kind of information in the websites which people who really wanted to have a website of their own needed to make their initial step. And then I did a small research on the data thus obtained. To my astonishment what most of them initially did was a domain availability check even before they had decided the functionality of their website.


Benefits of going for Web Hosting companies with own Servers


Internet is becoming a virtual world with millions of people using it everyday. Everyone, right from an individual to a company wants to establish their presence over Internet. This can be done by creating a website for them. These websites once created have to be made available in the Internet and this can be done only through Web Hosting.

Web hosting requires huge servers with solid power back up. As it requires huge investment there are Web hosting companies which does this buying and maintaining of the servers. Big organizations have their own web hosting services. Small business people and individuals opt out for these Web Hosting companies for the web hosting services.

Web Hosting companies have their own dedicated servers to house the websites. Anyone wishing to get their website hosted has to buy the required space from these Web hosting specialists. A website after getting hosted on a server gets connected to the internet with all the basic features and infrastructure required for its presence over the internet.

There are Web hosting companies that provide both the domain names and the space required for hosting the websites. The space required for a website depends on its content, traffic and the usage. Nowadays Web Hosting companies provide customized solutions and flexible plans to their customers depending on their requirements making Web hosting services very economical.


What is CPanel – Designing your own Cpanel


I was looking out for some important information and hence I started to search for it in the internet. I came across many useful and attractive websites in the internet. I felt I should have my own website in the internet and that too for my personal purpose. I slowly started to learn web designing and developing and I created my own personal website using good website builder softwares using my cpanel login and it was then I came to know about what is CPanel and web designing your Cpanel. I was looking for an excellent web hosting company.

I came across thousands of web hosting companies and listed out few top web hosting companies and their websites. It was very surprising to me when I found out that each of them offered at least one unique feature which gave them an edge out of the competition in the web hosting market.

One such feature that was offered by one of the top web hosting companies was the cpanel host or the control panel host feature. Using this feature we can easily manage the files and sub domains of our website and can also track the traffic statistics of our website.