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How to get your First Website on the Web – Step by Step Website Creation Tutorials


I am an internet addict and I spent most of my time sitting with the computer browsing the internet. I wanted to create a website for my personal use and still wanted it to be a commercial site as well. I created a website where people can share their information on the various topics in my website without even registering themselves.

Last week I went to my friend’s house. He was a web developer and was working for a web hosting services providing company. His company not only provided web hosting services but also designed, developed and even took care of the web content management for their clients. He too did some of those works too apart from web developing.

Previously whenever I met him, he used to tell me that it was a very tedious task for him to do a domain search but this time he told me that domain search has become easy with the domain search engine that was offered by few other web hosting companies in their websites. From his words I understood that with new features of having same website names with different extensions like .com, .net, .org etc has helped web hosting companies to suggest their clients even domain names that were previously taken up by others.

I got my website developed using the latest web technologies using top web designers and developers. When I was about to host my site I faced the problem of getting the best domain name that suited my website. I made a very big mistake by not checking if the domain name that I was looking for was available or not. I felt the importance of doing a domain name check as I had to alter most of the features of my website due to the unavailability of a suitable domain name.


Benefits of going for Web Hosting companies with own Servers


Internet is becoming a virtual world with millions of people using it everyday. Everyone, right from an individual to a company wants to establish their presence over Internet. This can be done by creating a website for them. These websites once created have to be made available in the Internet and this can be done only through Web Hosting.

Web hosting requires huge servers with solid power back up. As it requires huge investment there are Web hosting companies which does this buying and maintaining of the servers. Big organizations have their own web hosting services. Small business people and individuals opt out for these Web Hosting companies for the web hosting services.

Web Hosting companies have their own dedicated servers to house the websites. Anyone wishing to get their website hosted has to buy the required space from these Web hosting specialists. A website after getting hosted on a server gets connected to the internet with all the basic features and infrastructure required for its presence over the internet.

There are Web hosting companies that provide both the domain names and the space required for hosting the websites. The space required for a website depends on its content, traffic and the usage. Nowadays Web Hosting companies provide customized solutions and flexible plans to their customers depending on their requirements making Web hosting services very economical.


What is CPanel – Designing your own Cpanel


I was looking out for some important information and hence I started to search for it in the internet. I came across many useful and attractive websites in the internet. I felt I should have my own website in the internet and that too for my personal purpose. I slowly started to learn web designing and developing and I created my own personal website using good website builder softwares using my cpanel login and it was then I came to know about what is CPanel and web designing your Cpanel. I was looking for an excellent web hosting company.

I came across thousands of web hosting companies and listed out few top web hosting companies and their websites. It was very surprising to me when I found out that each of them offered at least one unique feature which gave them an edge out of the competition in the web hosting market.

One such feature that was offered by one of the top web hosting companies was the cpanel host or the control panel host feature. Using this feature we can easily manage the files and sub domains of our website and can also track the traffic statistics of our website.