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What is Internet of Things(IoT) and how to begin with designing IoT Devices


Internet of Things (IoT) is the new buzzword in the Internet and many Electronic Gadget Businesses have began to focus on this. At present there is no particular definition for IoT, however it can be understood as term that collectively refers to digitization of individual’s lifestyle with electronic gadgets that contain internet connectivity and can be operated and used the same and also will gel all the activities an individual does in a day. This will help the consumers to connect across the various gadgets they use in a day and it support their needs based on their pattern of activities in a day.

For the IoT concept to work out there are signal detecting techniques like ambient intelligence, wireless feature, artificial intelligence, automatic content recognition etc., will be used to sense the movement, information inputs, touch screens and many more as such is needed and it will work in this way human-device-network. It has been predicted that in near future even billions of devices will come up based on this and hence several Businesses that are into Digitization and electronic devices and IoT designers are looking to know and implement various ways to get successful into this.

As the IoT designs are going to based using Microchip, it requires for new IoT designers to get familiarized with those concepts, and here are some suggestions for them to begin with,

  • Whatever be your design first work ¬†upon the existing platforms, which already contains or is made of few IoT designs and begin with introducing features or modifying few in them.
  • Secondly, after you create a new IoT design or application make it multi-purposeful one.
  • Also keep in mind the power consumption which is being considered a key aspect in gadgets and the parts or components that are used.


Which was the First Website on the Internet – How it all started


First website on the web was started by CERN and read further to know how it all started,

CERN is also the birthplace of the World Wide Web. The main site at Meyrin has a large computer facility containing powerful data processing facilities, primarily for experimental-data analysis; because of the need to make these facilities available to researchers elsewhere, it has historically been a major wide area networking hub.

The first ever website was published on August 6, 1991 and served up a page explaining the World Wide Web project and giving information on how users could setup a web server and how to create their own websites and web pages, as well as how they could search the web for information. The URL for the first ever web page put up on the first ever website was

Of the thousands of websites founded prior to 1995, those appearing here are noteworthy for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They still exist (albeit in some cases with different names).
  • They made contributions to the history of the world wide web.
  • They helped to shape certain modern Web content, such as webcomics and weblogs.

Source – https://en.wikipedia.or/wiki/List_of_websites_founded_before_1995


Broad band connection to Internet through satellite media


In this computerized era, Internet has attracted almost every one of us irrespective of the age group we belong to. Even people who previously did not know about the usage of computers have now started using internet and this shows that computers are not of much use without an internet connection.

The simplicity in using it and the knowledge that it provides has made people have internet as a part of their life. With the introduction of search engines in various websites by software companies has made searching information in the internet as a very entertaining and time passing one because of this people have become addicted to it sitting with the computers for hours together.

Internet is a global platform which connects the various networks across the globe. In order to access the various websites in the internet we need a computer with basic configuration that is required to use internet, an internet browser and finally an internet connection which could be either a dial up or a broad band one with a modem and telephone connection.

At the same time, a latest technology to connect the computers to the internet has been introduced in the market and is called as satellite internet which provides a broad band connection to the internet through satellite media and does not require a telephone line and a cable system.