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What is Website Hosting – how to find the Best Web Hosting company


After coming across many websites in the internet l I felt it would be nice if I had a website of my own in the internet. In recent times, the Internet has gained a tremendous popularity and is used by millions of people of all age groups at any point of time in a day.

The main purpose of internet is knowledge or information sharing through websites. Internet is a hub of thousands of websites. Both individuals and companies can have their own websites in the internet. However, to make these websites to be available for a long time and to make it accessible to anyone across the globe it has to be hosted on the internet using web servers and this is called as web hosting.

I was checking out the websites of web hosting service providers and there were a lot of web hosting companies that provided web hosting services through online. But, I wanted to find out the best web hosting company. I came across a web hosting review website and it helped me to find my hosting company to host my website. It contained many reviews about various web hosting companies and it is an excellent guide to those who are new and were looking out for a hosting company.