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Unique features of Cpanel Web host


It was a Sunday afternoon since I did not go out anywhere I was sitting alone at home thinking about passing the time usefully. I sat with my computer and started surfing the internet. Internet is a global hub with thousands of websites related to various fields and areas. I started to learn what is internet and then what it takes to design and program a website. And then how a website can be hosted in the internet.

When I read the various reviews about the web hosting services of top web hosting companies that offered online I came to know about the various features they offer and I found a unique feature called cpanel web host which I had never seen in any other web hosting company’s website.

This feature looked to be very useful and it helped the website owners to manage the database which contains the website information and also to manage the sub domains, parking domains and add on domains. It also offered many more additional useful features like error log, bandwidth reports and security features.